Seronera Tented Camp

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A Great Selection of Seronera Tented Camp

Seronera Tented Camp Buying Guide

seronera tented camp

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: Choose the right food Food for the desert: – Carrot: it’s good for your stomach! – Sweet potatoes: it’s good for your skin! – Sunflower seeds – Peanuts: it’s good for your brain! – Pumpkin seeds: you can eat whole (no hull) – Oatmeal: it’s good for your blood and bones .

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Camping: What is the best Seronera Tented Camp?

Camping Guide: The best outdoor camping in Seronera is a combination of camping with a nearby river for swimming, fishing, and picnicking. For those wanting to stay longer in the forest and get a full experience, we usually recommend to camp near the trail and take full advantage of the forest’s diverse scenery.

Kananga Special Tented Camp – Seronera – Tanzania, United Republic of

We have found this video, quite informative, where they talk about  the “Mt. Nyaanyama” or the “Hidden Village” (Mt. Nyaanyama is the capital of Tanzanian South Kivu Province) which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Seronera.